Surprise at Spanish Bay

Golf-loving driving range attendant at Pebble Beach golf course, Walter “Chipper” Blair, enjoys the simple joys of golf but suspicious neighbors, claiming to be LIV golf tour executives, move into the estate next door.

Trouble ensues. Irene McVay disappears checking out the new neighbors. Chipper is shuffled off to Spanish Bay Golf Course by the Pebble Beach Corporation to keep him from being around during the ATT Pebble Beach PGA Signature golf event. His wife, teaching pro Jenny Nelson, is in danger at the big Clambake party preceding the golf tournament.

The reader will enjoy this fun, golf-related suspense and mystery novel. Will Chipper save Jenny and the PGA tour? Will Irene be saved?


Suspicion at Spyglass Hill

Golf-loving driving range attendant at Pebble Beach golf course, Walter “Chipper” Blair enjoys the simple joys of golf but vindictive Dorothy Golberry has become the President of Hastings Lumber.

Golberry wants to cut down all the trees at all the golf courses in the Del Monte Forest, home of Spyglass Hill golf course. His wife, teaching pro Jenny Nelson, takes on a protégé and gives golf lessons to cute Cindy Springer. Pebble Beach General Counsel, Richard Stein, makes Cindy and Jenny social media stars and Cindy rich with N.I.L endorsements.

Will Chipper and Stein save the Del Monte Forest and the golf courses? Will Cindy make the local college golf team?


Confusion at Cypress Point

Golf-loving driving range attendant at Pebble Beach golf course Walter “Chipper” Blair continues his romance with beautiful teaching pro Jenny Nelson.

A trip to Scotland reveals that reclusive very wealthy Scotsman Ben Morris was not who they thought he was and Chipper’s fortune is in jeopardy.

Events spiral out of control for Chipper and Jenny as they enrage the rich Hasting’s family of the Del Monte Forest.

Jenny befriends members of the local college golf team and Steven Hastings runs wild. Is he capable of murder? Will they become members at Cypress Point?


Paradox at Pebble Beach

Golf-loving driving range attendant at Pebble Beach golf course Walter “Chipper” Blair enjoys the simple joys of golf but his life is complicated by meeting the beautiful teaching pro Jenny Nelson and the reclusive very wealthy Scotsman Ben Morris who has an estate off the fourteenth fairway.

Chipper has a strange relationship with a rich widow who gets him involved with the society crowd living in the Del Monte Forest near the golf course. Events spiral out of control for Chipper as he enrages his Pebble Beach Corporation employer and becomes the suspect in a possible murder investigation.

The reader will enjoy this fun golf related suspense novel. Will he find love? Will he be indicted for murder?


The Running Life

“Writers like Donald and Mike work at the grassroots level to promote and support our sport. Their love of running shines through every page of what they write. They have a unique perspective on “The Running Life” and make us smile and gain insight at the same time. Whether you are an expereienced runner, a novice, or even a non-runner this compilation of articles will inspire.” Amby Burfoot, Editor at Large, Runner’s World Magazine and 1968 Boston Marathon winner.

“As a resident of Pacific Grove, I’m just like all the other runners on the Central Coast. We eagerly await the Thursday edition of the Monterey Herald so we can see what Donald and Mike are thinking and saying about “The Running Life”. It’s great that this book will allow a wider audience the opportunity of reading these great columns.” Blake Russell, 2008 Women’s Olympic Marathon.

I’m out in Buraglio and Dove territory every year for the Big Sur Marathon. It’s great to swap stories with Donald and Mike, run, and enjoy the magnificent Central Coast. They are both very knowledgeable and their artcles cover every aspect of our sport. A fun read for sure.”
Bart Yasso, Chief Runner, Runner’s World Magazine.

I’ve always been an instinctive runner. I love to run and feel the flow. Donald and Mike capture all I love about running in their articles. They know the spirit as well as the technical side of running. I recommend this series of articles for anyone. You will really capture and understand why we love “The Running Life”. Nellie Wright, Pacific Grove, California, 1984 Women’s Olympic Marathon.


CRIM 279

A graduate school student at Berkeley in 1971 finds a class project from a 1959 Criminology seminar detailing an assignment to commit the perfect murder. He investigates and finds more than he wants about this strange class assignment.

Although CRIM 279 is listed as fiction, the author claims it is a true account. You will be drawn into the atmosphere of the University of California and immersed in the drama of the class of CRIM 279 as they intellectually and philosophically discuss the details of their plan and attempt to carry it out.

Their unique personalities create tension and suspense as their interaction takes them in directions they never dreamed toward the perfect murder.